Best Google AdSense Alternatives To Boost Your Online Business Revenue

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Outsourced providers of all kinds have access to both proprietary and paid-for enterprise-level tools and technologies that allow them to identify trends and solve problems quickly. Helloquence/UnsplashFinance professionals are responsible for some of the most important things a growing business will face, too. Whether that’s raising a new round of financing, building a financial model or keeping clean books, your business can’t afford to get these critical things wrong or have to start over with a replacement. Publishers who are approved can add their inventory to AdX via their Google account dashboard.

  • AdThrive’s network of lifestyle niche advertisers provides lifestyle bloggers with highly relevant ads.
  • There is no traffic requirement to join, and cross-device technologies offer seamless integration across all devices.
  • Nonetheless, if you are experiencing high losses due to adblockers, Blockthrough can help you recover some of your income.
  • Venture capital-backed companies traditionally operate with a “spend to grow” mentality, with the expectation that they will be able to raise multiple funding rounds to drive rapid growth.
  • He is definitely someone who loves to leave a mark on the digital platform through his visionary content and inventive copywriting.
  • The visual interface of our ECOM system is convenient and understandable to anyone who uses it, works with easy navigation, different interface languages, visually displayed operations, and more.
  • Fully integrated and customizable, Miva combines the management systems needed to run a successful business, including CRM, ERP, OMS, POS, and more.

It adds links to the already existing content rather than letting it add text ads or large banners. Its network has access to over 48k e-commerce affiliate traders to mention in them and has a partnership with more 50 ad publishing agents. The important part is you don’t really require to deal with a chunk of separate programs as its network already has so many affiliate merchants. Revcontent seems to be quite different from other conventional ad network platforms. It features surprisingly a true screening process and relies on a custom widget to deliver its ads.

Increase customer happiness and retain more business

Finally, an ecommerce software platform that works with your company to build online success. EMart’s multi-component ecommerce engine and shopping cart system breaks down the daunting task of managing on-line sales and provides you with the tools necessary to run your online store. EMart is a highly customizable, enterprise level ecommerce software engine. EMart is perfect for businesses that need custom functionality with their online store.

Ushr develops HD mapping technology in combination with vehicle sensors and on-road cameras to convey real world detail to AVs. The company’s control algorithms interpret and communicate details from sensors to the vehicle control system, allowing for more precise steering, safer vehicle control and directional predictability. On February 13th, 2020, Ushr was acquired by Dynamic Map Portfolio at a valuation between $181.1M and $198.9M.

Top Alternatives to Google AdSense

These widgets are quite similar to the related posts section except in this case they include approved campaigns for your website. But one should also know that a good ad campaign with quality content could easily run itself no matter whether it has Google Adsense to run its ad or not. And just because it is ruling the online advertising network doesn’t necessarily mean it should be the only choice available to the users. The network prides itself on being an optimization solution for earning with ads. They offer layout optimization, A/B testing, and an extensive ad type catalog. AdThrive is a good alternative and a particular favorite for bloggers within the lifestyle niche.

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While Google is still the big fish on the market thanks to Google Adwords & Google AdSense but still it is always smart to explore other options. This is why most people look for the best Google AdSense Alternatives available out there. With this list of vetted finance partner from Hawke Media, you can outsource your finances and rebuild your strategies the right way.

Propeller Industries

But despite the value hidden in these reports, as a single source of data it is prone to human error. More so, it would be a better idea for you to survey all of the alternatives available for you if you are actually thinking about monetizing your blog or website. Even though we all know Google Adsense is the big shot in this department but you should be open to trying any of the above-mentioned platforms.

  • Optimize and accelerate growth with enterprise-class subscription management.
  • Bloggers and content creators across various lifestyle niches enjoy Mediavine for its ability to connect site visitors with highly relevant ads for their industries.
  • That being said, some solutions combine ad-block revenue recovery with header bidding to maximize ad revenue.
  • We also love the fact that our clients have a portal they can visit to update their billing information and access all of their invoices.

Take a look through our picks for best Propeller Industries Competitors, Revenue, Alternatives And Pricing alternatives for this year, and see if there’s one that makes sense for your site. Marketing and Finance should come to a mutual understanding of the metrics to be measured. Ensure that the effectiveness of each marketing initiative will be monitored, shared, and reassessed every quarter. When planning hires, evaluate your plan against headcount efficiency benchmarks such as revenue per employee. As previously explained, it’s not possible to directly compare income from Blockthrough and Adsense. Nonetheless, if you are experiencing high losses due to adblockers, Blockthrough can help you recover some of your income.

Why Outsourcing Your Financial Services is a Smart Move

Many publishers miss out on income by failing to use ananti-adblock tool. Blockthrough can help publishers recover revenue from direct-sold and programmatic ads. That being said, some solutions combine ad-block revenue recovery with header bidding to maximize ad revenue. Snigel’s header bidding solution AdEngine, for example, has a built-in ad-block recovery tool.


For example, publishers can use rich media and video ads—which are the most lucrative ad types in display advertising at the moment. They’re known for highly competitive earnings per mille visitors rates which account for all visitors during a period. It allows publishers to craft content and build their brand, while Mediavine acts as an ad manager. Agencies may not think of themselves as an ideal use case for a subscription management and billing platform, but Black Propeller has seen impactful results from partnering with Recurly. Automating previously manual billing processes has enabled the agency to double its growth and reduce its time spent on billing by 95%.

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